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We also create music for your specific needs (artists, film, TV, commercials, internet, etc). Check out selections from some of our Grammy winning, Billboard charting writers and producers such as John Capek, Narada Michael Walden, Jeff Lorber, Marc Tanner, Steve Marston, Barry Coffing, Jimmy Rip, Frank Fitzpatrick, Fontaine Brown, etc…

RCA Records, Warner Brothers Records, EMI, Buddah Bar, Higher Octave, Neurodisc Records, Warner Brothers Films, Tristar Films, ABC, Disney and HBO are just a few satisfied customers.

Our network of writers cover every spectrum of music, from dance to rock to classical to blues. Don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail with any questions. Thanks for dropping by!


“Your title track brought our movie up a step!”
(Producer of feature thriller, Silent Fury)

“You really are my favorite songwriter!”
(Producer of Docudrama: Peace is a Woman’s Job, the Journey
of Jeanette Rankin

“The producer couldn’t stop playing your song over and over”
(Director of feature, Detour)

“I really look forward to using some more of your music!”
(Music Supervisor for ABC’s Making the Band)


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